Knight of Wands

A person of indeterminate sex wearing armor and an overcloak printed with salamanders sit astride a horse that is rearing into the air.  He holds a staff in his right hand and mountains that resemble pyramids recede into the distance.

Travel, moving, relocation, perhaps a new romance.  The Knight is putting the idea of travel which the Page of Wands conceived into effect.  Still, there is an element of lack of control and planning, of perhaps being carried away by enthusiasm when a little more time should be put into details.  The horse is back on its’ hind legs, raring to go, but not moving forward yet.

Reversed:  Problems may develop with travel plans.  Possibly a person who was going to share the expenses backed out at the last moment.  A romantic vacation canceled because of a loss of romance.

EXAMPLES:  Think of a friend yelling, “Road trip!” and all of you taking off at a moments notice.  It sounds like fun but you may end up sleeping in the car because you forgot to make reservations with a motel.

Going to see a lover who lives in another state or country.

Page of Wands

A person of indeterminate sex is holding a staff with both hands and appears to be studying it.  His undercloak is printed with images of salamanders and mountains that resemble pyramids recede into the distance.

Most often a card of travel, changes, and journeys.  At this point the subject is more studying the idea of travel rather than actually doing it and things are still very much in the planning stage.  On a mundane level, this card may indicate the presence of a younger person or persons, usually of a fair complexion.  They tend to be bright, inquisitive, and active. It may be that the subject is preparing for house guests with children or, alternatively, traveling to visit someone with children.

Reversed:  Problems or delays with travel plans, canceled reservations, difficulties making connections.  If a younger person is present there may be something odd or disturbing about him.

EXAMPLES: Think of someone surfing through the internet looking at travel and airline sites.  

A non-custodial parent preparing for visitation with a child or children.

Ten of Wands

A man walks forward, bent over and carrying a bundle of ten staves.  His head is downward and tucked into the bundle. A villa and farmed land are in the distance.

Heavy burdens and overwhelming responsibilities.  The subject literally feels that he has the weight of the world on his back.  He’s staggering along, shouldering the burden, but he’s lost sight of his long term goals and any real meaning in his life.

Reversed:  The subject may be approaching a time when she can lay her burdens down but it may not be in a pleasant context.  Possible loss of a job, demotion, or simply giving up and walking away.

EXAMPLES:  The workaholic. Someone who is consumed by his job, not because he loves his work, but because he’s lost any sense of his true self and joy in life.

Taking care of family to the exclusion of taking care of yourself.

Nine of Wands

A man stands in front of a virtual wall of staves, clutching a staff in his hands.  He has been wounded and his arm and head are bandaged. He appears to be staring off to the side with a worried, cautious look on his face.

The subject has obviously been beaten up by life.  He or she may still be standing but there are some pretty serious wounds.  The main message here is to just hold your position and be prepared for further attacks.  Do NOT seek out further battles, pick fights, or even get into arguments right now.  Hold still and wait to heal.

Reversed:  Things could get worse.  The subject could lose her job or position in life.  The stress from the psychological wounds may lead to physical illness.

EXAMPLES:  Think of a boxer on the ropes.  He’s absorbed too many punches and he’s just trying to hold out until the bell rings and he can make it back to his corner.

So called, “friends,” who insist on continuing an argument long after you’ve had enough of it.

Eight of Wands

Eight staves appear to be flying through the air, descending toward earth.  A peaceful river valley lies in the background.

New ideas and inspirations are literally flying into the subjects life and consciousness.  Perhaps new associates, friends, or business relations which are novel and help to move the subject to greater heights and fresh horizons.  On a mundane level, there is a possibility of air travel associated with the subjects employment.

Reversed:  This is not the time to try out new or untested ideas.  Stay grounded on familiar territory and don’t take risks.  Travel plans may be canceled.

EXAMPLES:  New, cool friends who turn you on to ways of thinking and feeling that you’ve never experienced before.  

Meditating and suddenly seeing beyond what you always thought was reality.

Seven of Wands

A man stands on top of a rising or hillock, a staff held crosswise in his hands in a defensive position.  Six staves seems to wave in the air just beneath him and he wears an expression of concern and watchfulness.

A card of battles and a constant state of conflict.  The key to note with this card is that – while under siege – the subject still holds the high ground and will probably triumph.  Tactically, it is important for the subject to remember that he or she is outnumbered and it’s best to deal with one problem or person at a time rather than attempt to take them all on at once.

Reversed – There are just too many opponents or problems for the time being.  Disengage from conflict and deal with what you can or you must.

EXAMPLES:  A boss or supervisor who is under constant criticism from superiors and rebellion from employees.  The misery of having to constantly fight just to hold your position.

Sharing a house with roommates who are constantly criticizing you.

Six of Wands

A man rides a horse through a crowd.  He is robed in purple, wears a laurel crown and carries a stave which is topped with another crown of laurel.  Five people stand aside as he rides by, each one clutching a staff of their own.

A card of victory and success.  Of the multiple people battling in the five of wands, this person has emerged victorious and holds the dominant position.  The cloak he wears signifies authority and command and he is definitely in charge. The laurel crowns tell us that he has won legitimate honors and recognition.  This card can indicate victory in a legal battle or show that the subject’s ideas and view points have launched him or her into a position of authority. Promotions may be indicated.

Reversed:  Approach any conflict with extreme caution.  The subject is not in a position of strength and will lose if he engages in a fight.  Walk away and live to fight another day.

EXAMPLES: Winner.  Think of a person who has used her wits, skill, knowledge and persuasion to emerge as the head of the pack.

Winning an election.

Five of Wands

Five men, crowded together, hold wands aloft.  At first glance this appears to be five people engaged in a fight with staves, a scene right out of the old Robin Hood movies.  Upon closer examination, however, it’s apparent that they are holding the staves one handed rather than in a two handed fighting stance and don’t even seem to be looking at each other.  Indeed, the placement of the wands suggests that they are very close to constructing a pentacle with them.

Difficult negotiations, conflict, struggle, competing ideas fighting for ascendancy.  This is a shift from the previous cards because it shows a group effort, several people working on putting ideas or projects into effect and having strong differences of opinions.  They are literally trying to construct something new by joining their separate ideas together. There will be a tough period to get through but you can still expect a positive outcome at the end.

Reversed:  Walk away from the negotiations, let passions calm down and try again later.  Emotions are getting in the way of ideas and this project isn’t going to work right now.

EXAMPLES:  A large committee or work group composed of people who have wildly different approaches to solving problems and very different ways of thinking.  

A commune where the members are working together but have very different philosophies about life.