The Major Arcana Definitions

The group of cards we call the Major Arcana are the most ancient and mysterious part of the Tarot deck.  You can find dozens upon dozens of books speculating as to the origin of these cards and proposing systems hidden within them which will solve the mysteries of the universe and convert you into a Higher Adept if you just study them hard enough.

They’re fascinating books and you may want to read them sometime but we’re just here to talk about reading Tarot cards.  What you need to know for that purpose is that the Major Arcana represent large, life changing events affecting the questioner.   They can represent a state of being, such as The Star, or a monstrous event, such as The Tower. They should always be your focal point in a reading.

The posts in this section contain the basic definitions from my book, “Just the Tarot,” but with added commentary at the end of each definition.  It’s been fun expanding on them and comments are always welcome.

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