I started reading Tarot cards when I was a 15 year old kid.  In the 50 years that followed I always had a deck of cards. Through the deaths of people I loved, two marriages, three careers, and a move from the plains of Texas to the mountains of California the cards were right there with me and I turned to them for advice again and again.

When I wrote my book, “Just the Tarot,” I was trying to put together a solid set of basic definitions based on those years of readings.  I didn’t try to expand on theories about where the Tarot came from or whether or not it’s some highly esoteric teaching hidden in a deck of cards.  There are more than enough books out there that cover those subjects. I just wanted to assemble a smaller book that a Tarot reader could really depend on for good, clear meanings to each card.

This blog is a follow up to that book but I want to have a little more fun with this effort.  Yes, there will be a lot of good information on reading cards and some further explorations of the definitions.  But I also want to explore a few of the alley ways and side roads of the subject rather than just staying on the main highway.  What in the hell IS the Tarot? Why does it work (because, yes, it does work)? How is it possible to, “read,” the future when it hasn’t happened yet?

There are a lot of interesting little rabbit holes to jump down into and look around and I hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

I’ve tried to set this up with a clear, sequential series of topics starting with how to choose a deck of Tarot cards and moving into doing actual readings.  You can start at the beginning or you can jump around to whatever sounds interesting to you.


Dan Adair

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