Two of Pentacles

A young man in a fool’s cap seems to be dancing a jig while juggling two pentacles encircled by an eternity symbol.  In the background two ships are tossed about on huge waves.

Literally, money and/or possessions are out of control and things aren’t getting any better.  This is someone with too many responsibilities and too little resources. Like the ships behind him he is being tossed around by life and trying to keep his head above water and there seems to be no end to it.

There can be partnerships or romantic relationships that break up because the questioner doesn’t have the resources or abilities to deal with all of the things that are coming at him or her.

REVERSED:  A lot the same as when upright, but the problems may be diminishing.  The questioner may be regaining some control over life and responsibilities.EXAMPLES:  A person who is working two jobs to support his family but still can’t pay all of the bills AND his or her spouse is feeling neglected and thinking about leaving.

Being stuck in a job that won’t pay the bills and getting a little deeper in debt each month.

“Just the Tarot,” by Dan Adair, a book of basic definitions available on

Author: Dan Adair

Artist, writer, semi-retired wizard, and the author of, "Just the Tarot," by Dan Adair

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