Three of Pentacles

A man wearing a craftsman’s apron stands upon a bench with mallet in his hand.  One man in a monk’s robes and another in a fool’s clothing watch him work and hold what appears to be an architectural plan.  A heavily carved column with three pentacles stands in the background.

This is a card about buying property, real estate or other, and urges the questioner to pay careful attention to details.  The figures in the foreground hearken back to the Major Arcana cards The Fool and The Hierophant, and represent a choice of sorts.  By all means approach the venture with the same great enthusiasm as The Fool, but listen to the advice of The Hierophant who tells you to follow the rules and check everything out carefully.

This can also indicate a person who is very much a master of his craft and will gain money and honors because of it.REVERSED:  This indicates that the questioner is over-extended in some way.  If purchasing a home it might show trouble obtaining a loan or getting through escrow.  If involved in renovations, it may show hidden problems or expenses (think cracked foundations, major plumbing problems, difficulties obtaining permits.)  Use housing inspectors to sniff out problems before buying a house. Get firm, written estimates from contractors when renovating.

EXAMPLES:  The first time home buyer who spends hundreds of hours doing on line research before making a purchase.

Someone with a lot of skills who buys a fixer upper.

Author: Dan Adair

Artist, writer, semi-retired wizard, and the author of, "Just the Tarot," by Dan Adair

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