Ace of Pentacles

A ghostly hand holding a glowing, golden pentacle emerges from a cloud.  Beneath it is a lush garden with a path leading through an oval shaped gate toward distant mountains.

Money is about to drop into your lap.  Financial opportunities, windfalls, new employment, promotions, inheritances.  Basically this card is all about money and abundance. Money is on the way and it may seem to appear out of nowhere.

There is also a certain element of rebirth here.  The gate is shaped very much like the birth canal, so it’s possible that the money will allow the questioner to be, “reborn,” or start over in some sense.

REVERSED:  A lot like the upright card, but the amount of money will be less.  There is also an indication of having trouble making a new financial project get started and a warning to not overspend.Examples:  Your Great Aunt Lucretia – the one you thought really hated you? – suddenly passes on and leaves you fifty thousand dollars.  

You’re going through your desk and you find an uncashed tax refund check that you had forgotten all about.

You suddenly get promoted to a higher position with much better pay and benefits and you didn’t even know you were being considered.

Author: Dan Adair

Artist, writer, semi-retired wizard, and the author of, "Just the Tarot," by Dan Adair

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