Six of Cups

A young boy in a hooded cloak offers a cup full of flowers to a little girl.  Four cups of flowers are in the foreground and one is balanced on a pedestal. In the background a manor glows with golden light and a man with a staff is seen pacing down a cobbled walkway.

This is a sweet card of giving and receiving.  There is an innocence and lack of guile that permeates it.  This could indicate feelings of love on a very child like, trusting level.  The hood that the boy wears hearkens back to the major arcanum card The Fool and shows a pure and strong energy of joy.  The guard with the staff indicates that this may be a quiet time of sanctuary, of being safe and just enjoying a relationship.  It’s possible that the answer to a problem that has been vexing the questioner lies in her past.

Reversed:  The time of sanctuary and quiet is over.  This stresses the need to act as a responsible adult and deal with your problems.

EXAMPLES:  Young love, your first crush, the first days of the first lover relationship that a person has.

Just feeling happy remembering an earlier, more innocent time in your life.

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