Six of Cups

A young boy in a hooded cloak offers a cup full of flowers to a little girl.  Four cups of flowers are in the foreground and one is balanced on a pedestal. In the background a manor glows with golden light and a man with a staff is seen pacing down a cobbled walkway.

This is a sweet card of giving and receiving.  There is an innocence and lack of guile that permeates it.  This could indicate feelings of love on a very child like, trusting level.  The hood that the boy wears hearkens back to the major arcanum card The Fool and shows a pure and strong energy of joy.  The guard with the staff indicates that this may be a quiet time of sanctuary, of being safe and just enjoying a relationship.  It’s possible that the answer to a problem that has been vexing the questioner lies in her past.

Reversed:  The time of sanctuary and quiet is over.  This stresses the need to act as a responsible adult and deal with your problems.

EXAMPLES:  Young love, your first crush, the first days of the first lover relationship that a person has.

Just feeling happy remembering an earlier, more innocent time in your life.

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Author: Dan Adair

Artist, writer, semi-retired wizard, and the author of, "Just the Tarot," by Dan Adair

2 thoughts on “Six of Cups”

  1. You characterize this as an innocuous card but I have always felt it was sinister. Two things about this card bother me. First is the obvious size difference between the giver and the receiver. This speaks to me of dominance and inequality, perhaps of feeling or commitment, an age difference, or perceived authority on a personal or emotional level. The second is in the act of giving flowers (in cups). For me this represents motives and trust – motives that may be unclear or manipulative and trust that may be unfounded or betrayed, as in infidelity or misplaced confidence. I think these sinister elements also speak to an element of facing truths – as you say, seeking answers to vexing problems that may lie in the past – addressing issues that originate in the past but vex your relationships and capacity to commit, trust and/or engage in healthy, satisfying emotional relationships at this time. Your thoughts?


    1. No, Denise, I pretty much take it on face value. The guy who taught me the Tarot had a take that was similar to yours and I believe that he emphasized that it was, “unconscious giving and receiving,” i. e. there might be sinister motives behind the giving. I just don’t see that. The cups represent emotions and they’re full of beautiful flowers, so, sharing fresh, lovely emotions. The inequity in size I put down to more of a big brother/little sister relationship rather an inequality in power. I think the, “guard,” having his back turned to the children could have some interesting implications similar to what you’re getting at. He could easily represent ego guarding consciousness against subconscious childhood memories. Or, alternatively, ego ignoring resources that were developed as a child. All in all, though, I’d have to go with just what it appears to be: two happy children on a Spring day.


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