Three of Swords

There is a heart pierced by three swords and rain is falling from dark gray clouds in the background.  

On the most obvious level this may indicate a relationship which has failed because one of the parties is screwing around.  Someone’s heart is broken and there is deep grief, tears, confusion and a sense of profound betrayal. Trauma of any sort.


The swords are falling out and the heart is beginning to heal.  This usually shows that period after a bad break up when a person is beginning to put the pieces of her life back together and starting to move on.  It is a card of recovery and coping with reality.

EXAMPLES:  That period after a break up, divorce, or even the death of a life mate, when your heart is so broken with grief that you can’t think straight, can’t sleep, and can’t eat.  Deep, profound grief.

Discovering that your lover has been going to bed with your best friend and lying to both of you.

Two of Swords

This card shows a robed and blind-folded figure, arms crossed, holding two swords in perfect balance.  A sea or lake in the background appears to be totally still, perhaps stagnant.

The main thing to note with this card is the stasis, the lack of motion and movement.  Even the sea is motionless. Swords are about power and aggression and in this case the power is frozen in place and any progress is stalemated.  Two opposing people, ideas, or forces are equally strong and nothing is moving or changing.

In a marriage or romantic relationship this could indicate two people who are locked into an emotional power struggle.  Neither party is willing to compromise or empathize with the others feelings. In fact, the blindfold on the figure indicates that they may not even be able to see or comprehend the other person’s feelings.  The relationship isn’t ending but neither is it growing or thriving. It’s become all about the power rather than love.

The quarter moon in the sky indicates that the stalemate may last about a lunar month before any changes can be expected.

Reversed: Things are finally moving and changing.  In a relationship it may indicate that one party has decided to leave.

EXAMPLES:  Your friends who are constantly bitching at and about each other but are completely unwilling to consider ending the relationship.

Being locked into a business relationship with someone who refuses to listen to your ideas for improving the business.

Ace of Swords

The card show a ghostly hand grasping a sword.  The tip of the sword pierces a crown draped with laurels.  

This card represents power and action beginning to manifest in the Earth plane.  It may indicate the start of a new enterprise or the beginning of a very strong, power based sexual affair.  There is the suggestion of an excess of force, of pure, undirected physical strength. The crown hints at positions of authority held by fear and intimidation rather than by merit or morality.  This card is also linked to minor surgery and small cuts.

Reversed: This shows someone who is pushing too hard or coming on too strong.  It warns against over-reactions and loss of temper. If the Querant is entering a new business deal be warned that it may go very, very wrong.

EXAMPLES:  A new boss or supervisor who immediately starts reshaping things to his or her own model through intimidation and sheer force of personality.

A new lover who is way too dominant and controlling.