Queen of Swords

A woman with a severe expression sits on a heavily carved throne.  She grasps a sword in her right hand and it appears to be balanced on the arm of the throne.  Her left hand is raised in the air, as if she is pronouncing judgment.

This card shows the presence of a very strong, highly intelligent individual.  It may represent a highly skilled professional, such as a lawyer or a doctor. The emphasis here is on intelligence and strength because there may a certain emotional coldness and distance to his or her personality.  This is a person who can be of great service if she chooses to be but isn’t a great snuggler. Look for help, not affection.

Reversed:  This may very well be a professional with whom you are clashing, such as a lawyer who is threatening to sue you or a doctor who is insisting on a course of treatment that you don’t agree with.  On a mundane level, this may indicate the presence of a cold, judgmental dark haired woman.

EXAMPLES: The friend who is always analyzing you.  He may care about you but he approaches everything from an intellectual rather than an emotional perspective.

Author: Dan Adair

Artist, writer, semi-retired wizard, and the author of, "Just the Tarot," by Dan Adair

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