King of Pentacles

A man wearing a crown sits on a heavily carved throne adorned with carvings of bulls heads.  He wears a flowing robe embroidered with grape vines and holds a globed scepter in his right hand.  His left hand holds a pentacle which rests upon his leg.

A very successful and probably fairly wealthy man with an abundance of good business sense.  This isn’t someone who’s striving for success – he’s already there. And, in keeping with the old cliche about how the rich get richer, he just keeps on making more money.

The bulls on the throne show that he has a strong sensual nature but probably also feels a need to dominate those around them.  The grapes indicate that, like his queen, he enjoys the finer things in life and expects nothing but the best.On a mundane level, look for a dark complected, heavy set or muscular man who is conservative and close to his family.  Solid but fairly boring.

REVERSED:  A businessman who is capable of being vicious and very hard hearted who may be after the questioner in some sense.  Alternatively, a businessman who looks rock solid but may be totally undependable or secretly down on his luck.

EXAMPLES:  The CEO of a major company with a heavy stock portfolio.

The patriarch of a very successful family business.

Page of Pentacles

A young man in a fancy hat stands in a beautiful field and holds a single pentacle aloft with both hands.

Good news about business ventures is on the way.  Look for the possibility of a promotion or a raise.

There may be a young person present in the questioners life who is doing exceptionally well.  Perhaps graduating with honors or receiving a scholarship.

REVERSED:  Financial news may be discouraging for a brief period of time.  The young person may be experiencing difficulties rather than honors.

EXAMPLES:  A fairly junior employee who is promoted for doing excellent work.

A young man or woman who totally nails the college entrance exams.

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Nine of Pentacles

A woman in a long, flowing robe stands in a garden surrounded by pentacles.  Her left hand is covered with a heavy leather glove and a bind folded hawk perches there.

A card of financial success with an emphasis on the home.  Perhaps redecorating or redesigning the questioners residence.  There is also an odd element of a lack of freedom here. Possibly someone who has compromised his or her desires for freedom in order to have security.  In any case the card is very positive in terms of money.

REVERSED:  Bad news financially.  If the questioner is involved in some sort of money making project she should cut her losses and walk away.  Continued efforts along these lines can lead to financial ruin.

EXAMPLES:  The trophy wife who has oodles of cash and a brand new luxury car but is very much under the thumb of her husband.

A writer or artist who has given up his creative ambitions but is still doing very well financially.