Knight of Cups

A fully armored knight sits astride a gentle horse.  His visor is open and he holds a cup in one hand.

A person who feels true love and affection for the questioner.  The open visor indicates that he or she approaches the relationship with eyes wide open, fully aware of all of its’ implications, and still holding a strong, steady love.  There may be some element of travel involved here, as in a long distance romance or an individual who is frequently on the road to make a living.

Reversed:  Unfaithful love, a relationship where the affections have dulled, possibly even a lover or spouse who has decided to move away.

EXAMPLES:  Your boyfriend who knows exactly how many men (and or women) you slept with in your younger,wilder days and still worships you.

Your best friend who is unfailingly kind and caring even when you’re being a real asshole.