Ten of Pentacles

An elderly, bearded man draped in a shawl sits and pets some dogs.  A man, a woman and a child stand just beyond him and the child reaches out to touch one of the dogs.  A tower and part of a castle complex are visible through an archway and ten pentacles are arranged in the pattern of the tree of life.

This is the end of the pentacle or money cycle and indicates good fortune and financial success.  There is a strong, multi-generational presence of family in the card so it may indicate a family owned business which has done very well.  The elderly man may point toward a happy, secure retirement.

REVERSED:  Money is on the way.  It may be of the unexpected sort such as winning a lottery.  May point toward securing a good pension and medical benefits.

EXAMPLES:  A family owned store that is thriving and expanding.

Turning your business over to your children or grandchildren and entering a happy, well deserved retirement.