King of Wands

A red haired man sits on a throne holding a staff.  His cloak and the back of his throne show salamanders eating their own tails.  A lizard sits beside the throne.

A man who is highly intelligent and verbally adept but somewhat detached emotionally.  He may be extremely interesting and highly informed and will be friendly and helpful. Don’t count on forming a deep relationship with him, though, because he seldom lets anyone get too close.

Reversed:  He is still clever, witty, and amusing but may be somewhat deceptive.  At worst, he may be a pathological liar or a sociopath. Someone you might enjoy having a drink with at a party but you wouldn’t want him to know where you live.

EXAMPLES:  The easy going charmer.  Puts you at ease, makes you laugh, and you always listen when he speaks because what he has to say is usually interesting.

A visionary artist who’s more inclined to spend her time with her paints and canvases than with her friends.