Four of Wands

Four staves are planted in the ground and  flowers, leaves and fruit are woven together and hanging from their tops.  In the background a couple dances joyously in front of a castle, waving bouquets over their heads as they dance.  A few individuals on the left are engaged in conversation, seemingly oblivious to the celebration taking place next to them.

A card of celebration, happiness and union.  The idea that sprang forth in the Ace of Wands has been successfully brought into being and it’s time to celebrate.  On a different level, the four wands very much resemble both a wedding gazebo and a gate and this card may indicate two people starting a new life together.  It may be a private arrangement of living together that even family members don’t know about. Alternatively it may show a well earned vacation after a period of intensely hard work.

Reversed:  Delays and difficulties.  Troublesome details are preventing the completion of a project and celebrations and rest must be put off for the time being.  A romantic relationship may be going through a rough patch that’s causing second thoughts about living EXAMPLES: Two people who are madly in love and celebrating life with all of their hearts and souls.

A wedding.

Author: Dan Adair

Artist, writer, semi-retired wizard, and the author of, "Just the Tarot," by Dan Adair

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