Seven of Wands

A man stands on top of a rising or hillock, a staff held crosswise in his hands in a defensive position.  Six staves seems to wave in the air just beneath him and he wears an expression of concern and watchfulness.

A card of battles and a constant state of conflict.  The key to note with this card is that – while under siege – the subject still holds the high ground and will probably triumph.  Tactically, it is important for the subject to remember that he or she is outnumbered and it’s best to deal with one problem or person at a time rather than attempt to take them all on at once.

Reversed – There are just too many opponents or problems for the time being.  Disengage from conflict and deal with what you can or you must.

EXAMPLES:  A boss or supervisor who is under constant criticism from superiors and rebellion from employees.  The misery of having to constantly fight just to hold your position.

Sharing a house with roommates who are constantly criticizing you.

Author: Dan Adair

Artist, writer, semi-retired wizard, and the author of, "Just the Tarot," by Dan Adair

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