Three of Swords

There is a heart pierced by three swords and rain is falling from dark gray clouds in the background.  

On the most obvious level this may indicate a relationship which has failed because one of the parties is screwing around.  Someone’s heart is broken and there is deep grief, tears, confusion and a sense of profound betrayal. Trauma of any sort.


The swords are falling out and the heart is beginning to heal.  This usually shows that period after a bad break up when a person is beginning to put the pieces of her life back together and starting to move on.  It is a card of recovery and coping with reality.

EXAMPLES:  That period after a break up, divorce, or even the death of a life mate, when your heart is so broken with grief that you can’t think straight, can’t sleep, and can’t eat.  Deep, profound grief.

Discovering that your lover has been going to bed with your best friend and lying to both of you.